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In a class of its own
Liberty Reach sets a new standard for 3D robot vision guidance
The fastest guidance system available

One 3D image  to generate a part offset in 6 DoF

Less than 1 second from image to robot adjustment​​​​​

Built-in IR light source = immune to factory lighting

Calculates offsets with large part shifts & rotations

Add new part styles or modify existing styles with ease
Volumetric sensors map surfaces in 3D point cloud

Software aligns cloud to reference to generate offset

Robot adjusts using offset, executes program​​​
Demo Success Stories
De-Racking in Body Weld
"We sent identical part samples to 12 vision guidance suppliers.  V-Guide was the only system that could meet our requirements for speed, accuracy, and flexibility. 

We installed 30 V-Guide systems into our body weld line to automate part de-racking.  It has resulted in an enormous improvement in our production throughput."

     -Body Manufacturing Engineer, electric vehicle OEM
Precision Transfer to Paint Rack
Transferring bumpers from a conveyor to paint racks was proving impossible to automate.  

A Liberty Reach demo validated the capability of a 2-sensor V-Guide system to calculate the bumper offset for every possible pose. 

With a known offset, the robot automatically adjusts to make a precise pick and successful transfer to the paint rack every time.

Door Seam Sealing

"We saved over 12 seconds of cycle time by upgrading our vision system to V-Guide. 
​​​​​​​Our throughput improved so much that the system paid for itself in days."

    -Paint Engineer, automotive OEM

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